15 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Digital networking has exploded and Google reported that 2015 marks that net searches performed on cellular devices have surpassed background searches in 10 nations!

Mobile has grown so quickly it is currently the top digital platform for media intake. 62 percent of complete digital media action is from tablet computers and smartphones united, 54 percent of the activity is from programs independently, according to Comscore.

As of April 21, 2015, Google is currently indexing mobile programs, which lets them position in search engine results. Read the SearchEngineLand post about program search engine rank. What does this mean to you and your small business? You want a cell program!

What are the advantages to getting a program for your company?

As mobile advertising keeps growing, an increasing number of companies are hopping on the cell app bandwagon to associate with “on-the-go” customers, drive more visitors, create repeat business, increase sales through greater product marketing, and above all, be accessible for their clients, in their mobile devices 24/7.

Possessing a program for your company takes advertising campaigns to a whole new level. Programs aren’t only for big companies like Amazon, eBay and Wal-mart anymore. Medium and tiny companies are now increasing their marketing approaches and enlarging their customer reach with mobile programs. Read more: What technology is used to develop mobile apps?

Today’s technology has given us all the whole world at our hands! Mobile telephones have left pay phones and many landlines obsolete because we could take them wherever we go. This gives companies a massive marketing advantage. Let us look at the advantages a mobile program offers your business and your clients:

  1. Reinforces your brand
  2. Increases your visibility and availability on mobile devices
  3. Builds relationships and loyalty with your clients
  4. Generates repeat business with program tools such as vouchers and loyalty cards
  5. Enhances social media strategies
  6. Connects you with”on-the-go” customers
  7. Increases sales with push notifications
  8. Your products/services are easily available to your clients 24×7
  9. 1 touch access to your contact info
  10. Provide instructions to your place anywhere your clients ‘
  11. Speedy appointment setting to your clients
  12. A program is more readily accessible and loads quicker than a Site
  13. Boost customer participation and Supply value
  14. Clients have easy access to a Social Networking posts
  15. Stand out from your competitors

Why a Mobile App is Much Better Than a Website

Bottom line: An program loads and functions much quicker! It takes just a second to start whereas a site can take considerably longer, particularly if the mobile consumer has poor reception. Read more: 7 Essential Steps To Build A Successful Mobile App

Mobile optimized sites serve a significant business function, however they don’t replace the need for programs. Let us look at a side-by-side contrast:

  • Mobile programs give you nearly instant access to the information you’ll need, sites do not
  • Mobile programs appear in the app shops, sites do not
  • Mobile programs can keep Your Company in direct contact with your clients through push alarms, and sites do not
  • Mobile programs are always visible on the home screen of your mobile device, sites Aren’t always observable

Can you find the energy which mobile advertising programs have to offer you? With features such as push notifications, you can immediately reach your clients with not as much time and effort compared to snail mailing earnings advertisements, and of course, less advertising expenses. However, the biggest advantage a mobile program offers your company is return on investment.

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